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Last updated on March 20, 2023

The contents of this page labeled as "confidential" are commercially sensitive and intended for internal use to manage your business relationship with Ciao Bella. By downloading, you agree not to disclose them, not communicate, furnish, transmit, or otherwise make them available to third parties both online and offline.

New files and updated versions are marked by green clouds.

Both MAP and MSRP can be adjusted according to your local market, import costs, currency exchange and other, anyway we suggest to remain as close as possibile.

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Tutorial step by step

You're welcome to share this sales supports both online and offline with your customers. You are also allowed to translate and print on paper for advertising purpose.

Product Pictures

Generally, collections keep in stock for at least some years, thanks to SWP (see above). Past year collections are available with the full range of items, while older collections could be missing some items. Once they are discontinued, they're available while stocks last.

Papercraft Art

Piuma Rice Paper


Art Materials

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