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Our Story

Ciao Bella Paper

is the Italian brand of reference for all scrapbooking lovers looking for style, impeccable design and quality.

Ciao Bella Paper

Nestled in the heart of northern Italy

in Piedmont, our company stands out for offering a wide range of scrapbooking and home deco products with a distinctly Italian touch. Our philosophy is based on creating unique and emotional experiences through our assortment of high-quality coordinated products. Paper pad, stencils, clear stamps, albums and ink pads.

Ciao Bella is identified by the "made in Italy" inspired design together with an international connotation in the choice of graphic proposals and colours, which characterise the incredible assortment of scrapbooking and home decor products.
All of our papers are designed, produced and printed directly by our company.

Ciao Bella Paper

Our collections

are the result of a constant commitment to style and creative excellence.

The continuous search for quality and innovative details has led us to develop designs on new paper quality such as “Vellum" and “Deluxe" able of adding a touch of elegance and refinement to your scrapbooking projects.
“Piuma" line on the other hand, is our print rice paper. Totally Made and printed in Italy. Perfectly used for “decoupage” “home decor” and “mix media”.

Ciao Bella Paper is synonymous of creativity, quality and passion. The conception and development of each individual product is born in a working environment made up of good humor, positivity and a pinch of madness.

We are proud

to offer products that become an integral part of your creativity.
Join us in the world of Italian crafting, where every page becomes a canvas and every project tells a unique story.

Meet Our Papercrafters Artists



Hey, guys! I am Annie. Ever since I was little, I always had a thing for creativity and I always wondered what it would be like to pursue it. And I finally did!
I moved to Germany and started my own business where I experiment and try new things.
I am beyond excited to work with Ciao Bella. They are such an inspirational, colourful brand, and I am thrilled to include it in my creations! The best decision is to always do what makes you happy and I hope I can connect with people through my art!


Hello everyone, I'm Dawid and I live in Poland. My big passion is crafting.
I started explored papercraft 12 years ago and I still learn something new about it.
I create cards and mix media projects mostly, but I love other techniques too. I love different styles, but my favourite is steampunk.
I'm very happy to be part of amazing Ciao Bella Crew.


My name is Diane McClosky and I am from Wilmington, Delaware in the United States. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother as well as a real estate agent.
My passion for art has been a constant in my life, providing solace in a busy world.
Crafting has been a part of my journey since childhood, but my exploration of papercrafts began in 1997 and has been a continuous source of joy.
Over the years, my artistic style has evolved, with a primary focus on preserving cherished memories through the art of scrapbooking.
I also find delight in transforming home décor through my creative endeavors.


Hi, I am Inna. I live in one of the big industrial cities of Ukraine.
I work in the field of ferrous metallurgy. But most of my time and my heart is creativity.
Scrapbooking came into my life a few years ago and for sure settled there for a long time. I am trying out different styles, I work with paper, paints and pastes. I can do scrapbooks as well as cards and small forms. I love altered objects and decorative compositions.


I live in the beautiful coastal town of Sedgefield, in the Western Cape, South Africa.
Wife to Gideon, mom to two handsome young men, Nino & Nico, and soon to be daughter, Jess. Our four legged children are Maggy, Zeus, Lady Lyla and Numbi the parrot.
My full time job is to miss Nino & Jess who live in Australia, and Nico when he is not home with us. During the day I am also Manager/Accountant for a Group of Companies and in the evenings I get to craft, craft, craft!
I am in love with paper, old books and anything vintage. I love mixed media and any project that challenges my creativity. This will be my second time around with the Ciao Bella crew, I look forward to being part of this amazingly creative team.


My nickname is Lady Bloom and I'm from Spain.
I'm a passionate about cardboard, scrap and giving old objects a second life. I always say that I would have liked to be born in another era because I love everything old. I always have my head thinking of new projects.
I love the color green and flowers, I always wear my hair in a bun. Oh, and I'm dying for the mango smothie!


Hi everyone, my name is Lou Sims & I live in the UK near to Cambridge.
I have been papercrafting since 2009 starting out card making. Since that time my crafty interests have grown and now I embrace all kind of crafting genres from stamping, gelli plate printing, art journaling, doodling, mini books & of course, still card making.
I am super chuffed to be part of the Ciao Bella Crew & cannot wait to share my projects with everyone.


Ciao! My name is Melania and I am a Junk Journal Creator.
I’m from Bologna but l live in the south of Italy with my beloved husband and my fantastic 2 children. I’m a cat mom too!!
I’m a secretary but my real passion is making Junk Journals. I love my hobby and I put all of my heart in my paper creatures!
I’m so proud and honored to be part of this amazing CIAO BELLA Crew! Can’t wait to share my Journals with you all!"


Hi, I'm Michelle and I'm live on the East Coast in the UK.
I am married and have 3 children, 2 still at home and 1 happily married himself to my beautiful daughter in law. I am a complete craftaholic and have been crafting since my daughter was born 16 years ago.
I started making cards and it quickly evolved into box making and then onto 3d off the page projects, then albums, anything I can make with paper and card!
You will almost always find me making something or getting my notebook out to jot down an idea that has just popped into my head.
I love to share my crafting journey and I love to teach and inspire others to have some creative fun.


Hellooo!! My name is Naiara, You can find me on social media as @naiarasm24.
I’m almost 40 years old and I’m passionate about Mixmedia, scrapbook albums, and the increíble possibilities that the fusion between the two offers.
I love to try new materials and techniques, seeking to convey the story that each collection tells me. I also love home decor and altering different objects. Well, everything that has to do with having a brush in my hands, and allows me to enhance my creativity.
I hope to carry out great projects with this magnificent opportunity that CiaoBella gives me.


I am Olga, I come from Poland, but I live in Great Britain. I'm a fan of Christmas, I start the Christmas season the end of July.
Specialist in layered compositions using flowers, which I usually make myself. I like bright, romantic, children's designs very much. I love making albums too.
I invite you to my Instagram for almost daily inspiration and interesting reels. Enjoy!


My name is Oriana aka “Las Ganas de Pintar” which means “the desire to paint”. Color is a defining aspect of my life and an integral part of me, whether it's through my artwork, or the way I express myself. I'm a loud and expressive individual and I find that my enthusiasm and energy are infectious, and I enjoy connecting with people who share my zest for life.
I see the world through a vibrant lens, appreciating the beauty in diversity and finding inspiration in the most unexpected places.
Every project I make has a soul and I can't wait to dive into the wonderful world of Ciao Bella and create new stories together.


My name is Radovan Kianica and I am from Slovakia, a country with beautiful mountains and nature.
I have been involved in the creative world of scrapbooking since 2016, and a few years after that I started creating with the mixed media technique.
I prefer to combine these two techniques together. I am very happy to now be part of the design team at Ciao Bella papers. The collections are very inspiring. I really like to inspire and motivate people to create, because I found joy and passion in it.
I love the humor that is part of my work in short reels because I like to make people happier.


Hi, my name is Rosa Kelly and I am from Lima, Peru.
I now live in the SanFrancisco Bay Area where I am a Civil Engineer and mother of three lovely girls. I love to use creativity to treasure every moment in life. My favorite projects to make are interactive mini albums and journals. I love to relax after a hard day of work by crafting and creating something fun and different.
My main source of inspiration are books. I love to read every kind of book but I find it amazing to translate fantasy books into fun mini albums. I love to push myself and come out with unique projects.
I am super excited to be part of the Ciao Bella team once again!


Hi, I'm Soledad Jiménez and I am from the Canary Islands.
For me, creativity keeps me alive, connects me with reality and take further, imagination a way of escape, and create a natural therapy without side effects. CiaoBella is giving me the opportunity to work with its wonderful products and with this I want to take advantage of the visibility of reaching and infecting everyone and giving them the impulse to create that is totally positive.


Hi, I'm Susana, I was born in Cuba but I live in the USA, I am a deaf person, mom 4 girls, housewife.
I have always liked scrapbooking, crafts, watercolors, journal and mix media art are my reason for creating.
I would like to share with all of you this new illusion that Ciao Bella gives me.I'm super excited to be part of the Ciao Bella team.


Hello guys! I'm Tetiana. I was born in the country of the bravest people which is called Ukraine.
Now I live in Canada and my introduction to scrapbooking took place in this country three years ago when I was expecting my first child. Now I am a mother of two and they bring me new ideas and inspire for new projects.
I like old and vintage things and this style can often be seen in my albums and junk journals.
I'm happy to be part of the Ciao Bella team and share my creativity and inspiration with you.
Who's Next?


Do you want join The Crew? Browse the FAQ below to discover how to become a Ciao Bella Papercrafter Artist!

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