Ciao Bella Papercrafting is:

  1. Design Factory

    Soon after its beginning in 2017, Ciao Bella has become Design Factory, a laboratory for Italian illustrators. That's what makes us different.

    Ciao Bella does not use images downloaded from the internet or old magazines to reprocess them. Illustrations in our collections are hand-drawn by our Graphic Team. Our customers are used to say our design has a soul. Such aim is released exactly by joining our illustrators and graphic designers' talent with our art director vision, who work together to create not only images but to get an emotional response. That requires great creative effort, massive amount of time and powerful financial investment.

    At the same time, this allow us to create such unique and unreleased images that are the signature of Ciao Bella. And we pride ourselves in succeeding to provide such a high quality design at a competitive price in the industry.

  2. Scrapbooking Brand

    In scrapbooking industry, Ciao Bella paper collections are about Italian high quality. They feature versatile patterns and styles, perfect for a variety of applications. Great original illustrations and color palettes, often bold and unconventional, have been though out in any details to get the most from any sheet.

    All our lines are printed in Italy with organic inks on forest-friendly certified paper by a carefully selected team of professionals specialized in traditional printing Italian skills.

  3. A Team
    A Family

    Ciao Bella is owned and operated by two lady friends. Two other lady friends operate as advisors and managers. Together we are the core of our team. Our workplace environment made of good humor, strong ties, positiveness, a pinch of craziness and mutual support radiates to all our collaborators, designers, illustrators, and it's the ground from which Ciao Bella's design come.

Emily Bregola

Director of Logistics

"I’m passionate about creativity, I've worked for many years as a papercrafter designer, craft teacher, shop assistant for DIY shops. In 2017 I put to good use these experiences when we launched Ciao Bella but I had no idea what was in store. For sure I didn't expect to be getting such a quick positive response from stores and papercrafters. Working together as a family is an amazing journey that I feel grateful to be part of."

Luana Marsura

Director of Design

"My background includes graphic designer position for companies in advertising, marketing, art & craft industry. When I decided to join Ciao Bella project, I haven’t looked back and what a life-changing experience this has been! Now I spend my days working with talented illustrators and a great design team, I love working with creative people, not to mention I like my art director and co-workers quite a bit."

Lydia Corvini

General Manager
Art Director

"When I was proposed to manage Ciao Bella, for more than 20 years I've been in business activities identifying the most promising brands for successful investment, and was IT service manager for e-commerce platforms. Creating a new innovative brand from scratch, in a highly competitive market where few big companies put its stamp on the style, with nothing else than 3 friends and our common concept of what Made in Italy should be? Ok, I forgot to say I like challenges."

Sara Gauna

Senior Illustrator

"Illustration has always been my passion, that I've perfected to Art Academy in Turin. When I start to work with Ciao Bella I had no idea how my life would change. I rediscovered my attitude for drawing by experimenting with different styles and new professional tools, turning a passion into a profession, which today includes being a professional tattoo artist. It was crazy decision join in? Yeah. Wonderful."

Of course our Illustrators and Graphic Designers are part of Ciao Bella family, we are glad to introduce our Team Leaders.

Last but not least, our family would not be complete without our DT 2020 specialized in creating amazing projects with our papers.