EMILY, the crafter

I'm from Ferrara, mum of two wonderful kids, Andrea and Elia. I've worked for many years as a creative designer, teacher, shop assistant and saleswoman for DIY shops. In the last 18 years I've worked on several occasions with Lidia, the entrepreneur who taught me all I know about business management and logistics.

When in 2017 I choose to found a company for the production of unique Italian papers, I put to good use these experiences, by putting together an all-female team which includes professionals with extraordinary skills in their field. Today I'm CEO of Ciao Bella Papercrafting, accounting and logistics manager.

LUANA, the graphic designer

A creative soul who doesn't like monotony, this is the reason why I live with 4 dogs! My days are coloured by my woderful daughter, Safiria. I've worked for 10 years as a graphic designer in Turin for Stamperia brand, that I've decided to leave in 2017. Then, I have undertaken the Ciao Bella adventure, an important personal and professional growth.

Through the design process - a teamwork in Ciao Bella, on our original illustrations - and thanks to the harmony among the team members, my graphic style and our personalities give life to unique and really personal papers. Today I'm graphic department manager of Ciao Bella Papercrafting.

SARA, the illustrator

Illustration has always been my passion, that I've perfected to the Art Academy in Turin. My second passion are cats, two furry kittens enliven my daily life! The other constant in my life is Luana. We was born within days of each other, we've attended the high school together and, finally, found again for 3 years at Stamperia. I've decided to leave that job in 2017.

My personal relationship with Luana is today a close professional collaboration, her talent and Ciao Bella graphic team transform my illustration in the wonderful Ciao Bella graphic designs. Today I'm illustrator and communication & social media manager for Ciao Bella Papercrafting.

LIDIA, the entrepreneur

When I was offered to be part of Ciao Bella project, my interests was in a whole other direction. For more than 25 years I've been in business activities, studying the market and identifying the most promising brands for the success of an investment, and as IT consultant for e-commerce platforms. I've managed some DIY companies and sales channels, by commercializing italian and international brands.

Emily and Luana asked me to go back to art & craft business, sharing with them my professional competences. I share fighting spirit and irony with my fellow citizens from Bologna, so I've accepted this challenge. Today I'm project management consultant and IT Service Manager for Ciao Bella Papercrafting.